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We are currently reading Northern Lights which is written by Philip Pullman.

Term 2 Week 4 - Wednesday 9 May

This week we read Chapter 4. In this chapter, the Master gave Lyra the Golden Compass. Lyra went to live with Mrs Coulter, who showed her The Royal Arctic Institute in the North. Then they went shopping to buy Lyra fancy dresses because all her things were dirty. Then when the went home and Lyra went to bed, she looked at the alethiometer, and put it under her pillow to hide it from Mrs Coulter.

In our book club session, we created a mind map of our questions that we have had about the book so far, and the answers that we have found so far. We also predicted what the answer to some of the questions would be.

For our session next week, we are going to read Chapter 5 & 6.

Term 2 Week 5 - Wednesday 16th May

In Chapters 5 & 6, Mrs Coulter threw a cocktail party. Lyra discovered secrets about Mrs Coulter. She ran away but was captured. Suddenly Tony Costa, his men and his mother appeared and saved her. They took her with them on their boat.

During out bookclub session we had a lot of questions. A few of the questions were:
  • Why are there mountains, water, ice and the compass on the cover?
  • Why were they going on the boat?
  • Why is it called Northern Lights?
We also had a lot more questions.

We are reading Chapters 7 and 8 for our next session.